Circuit of Rydal Water

  • Distance: 4.4 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

This a short but picturesque walk with woodland scenery and views over the small tranquil lake and surrounding fells.
This walk can be quite busy, down to its proximity to the popular tourist haunts of Ambleside and Grasmere.

Upon crossing Pelter Bridge you will come across the grounds of Rydal Hall. Which is also well worth a visit. Follow the Old Coffin road, morbidly named as it was once used to take the village dead to Grasmere church for burial.

Leave the road just beyond the head of Rydal Water and join the track which follows the River Rothay. The path continues through Penny Wood. Upon reaching the bottom of Grasmere, cross the footbridge and follow the path back to the starting point. An easily accessible and pretty, short walk.

A view over the tranquil shores of Rydal Water Photography by Andrew Locking