Rannerdale Knotts

  • Distance: 3 miles
  • Difficulty: Medium

At 1,160 ft, Rannerdale Knott’s is fairly short, yet rugged in stature. The walk takes just a couple of hours. It’s a peaceful hike and in late spring there are stunning displays of bluebells on the fellsides.

Starting at the Hause point, National Trust car park, the footpath begins leading upwards from the outset. The walk is quite steep but you are quickly rewarded with breathtaking views.

The summit unveils glorious panoramic views over a secret valley and the lake, Crummock Water. It’s possible to see the Solway Firth and the Scottish hills beyond. On a clear day, it may even be possible to spot the Pennines. The climb then continues, taking you up a steep staircase carved out of rock to the summit ridge of Low Bank.

The descent takes you down into the picturesque, Rannerdale Valley.

View from Rannerdale Knotts overlooking the foot of Buttermere and the head of Crummock Water Photography by Andrew Locking